The PRL's Dang It & Blessing angel Dolls - Because Sometimes Flowers Just Won't Do!
They're the perfect gift for the person who has everything.
Or when flowers just won't do.
You don't even have to use them to relieve stress,
just looking at them makes you feel better!

This site will be merging with
it's sister line's site in July 2016.

We started making The Pink Ribbon Link's Dang It Dolls
for patients going through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
The idea progressed from there with requests for other themes.
We now have almost 500 designs with more being added all the time.
We donate a portion of the proceeds
from the sale of each doll to
cancer research, awareness, education & treatment.
Attached to each doll is a little poem
laminated and tied around its neck.
The Pink Ribbon Link's Dang It Dolls
are HANDMADE in Atlanta, GA
NOTICE: Each doll is individually made.
As such, no two will be exactly alike.
Depending on fabric availability or as fabric designs change,
so will the dolls.
Not recommended for children under 13 years of age.
We hope to see you again!
Check back later for new updates.
There's much more to come!
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